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 Welcome to Wellmother

These are pages for UK - if you want information for your country please click on relevant language button in the drop down menu on the right hand side of the top bar (currently showing English).

Here you will find support and information whether you are a parent to be, already a parent, a practicing health professional or anyone interested in how the maternity period influences us all at any stage of our life. The Wellmother approach  has grown out of  how bodywork, especially massage and shiatsu, can support the well being of parents and babies. However, this special and magical time influences the rest of our lives, and so our approach is valuable for anyone of any age wanting to connect with their potential.

The English pages are for all the courses taught in English, wherever in the world! For more information on which courses are for you please visit the relevant Discover page.

Welcome 2023

I hope that you are all settling into the new year. It will soon be the new Chinese year of the Rabbit (January 22nd). I wonder if you are already noticing a shift from the energy of the Tiger. I am busy working on my new book and have created a Substack Blog "Rewriting your Story" about my progress.  In June, Rosa and I had an amazing  women's retreat in Portugal, and we are now working out when to run the next one. If you are interested, please get in touch.  It deepened our knowledge still more about  Women's Extraordinary Cycles  an online course which we ran with live sessions in 2020.

I have some new on line courses up for you and have continued to offer individual on line consultations for clients and students because I continue to be impressed by their power and effectiveness.  The session can include connecting with you and offering specific breathing, meditation and visualisations , talking you through self shiatsu and massage or simply holding space for you. Please email me directly if you are interested in this. I am seeing people in person too. If you want more information on my individual work, please visit my practice page.

We look forward to meeting you in person as well as on line, at some point in the future!

Wellmother public

Our work is about supporting you during all your cycles of life. All practitioners use their skills to work with people at any time. We also have an online course on Extraordinary Women's cycles for you.

If you are a parent or parent to be, we have a register of practitioners who have trained in our approach as well as a book and an online course in birth preparation  to give you Wellmother based tips to help prepare for your birth and beyond. There is also a blog with many relevant posts.

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Wellmother professionals

If you are a professional, midwife, massage or shiatsu therapist, doula or other bodyworker, we can train you to support women and their families in the best possible way at this special time. Our approach will also open your work up to a whole new way of working with any client. We do this through both online courses and in person courses and have written books to further support you in your work.

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